Why You Should Let Women Pick You Up Instead

Pickup Artists are known to have the skills and tactics to woo women to their bed successfully. On the one hand, if you are a good pickup artist, you should know that letting women pick you up is a great skill that you should have. There are no better programs to use to learn this skill than Girlfriend Activation System This is the most powerful tactic that any pickup artist should have, and good pick up artists’ prize themselves to know how to do the trick.

There are thousands of articles and self-help tools that you can have online or in the bookstore that would tell you some tricks of pick up artists. If you have gone through some of these books, then you should know that letting yourself be the “prize” for women is the best trick that you can have. So you should know how to let a woman pick you up, rather than you do all the legwork. It is time that you know how to turn the tables around and enjoy being picked up by an attractive and hot woman in the bar. You should know how to make women want you enough that they would set you as their prize.

The first step that you need to do is acquire the skills to catch a woman’s attention successfully. You would need to enhance your conversation and flirting skills to do this. You need to know the basics of how to open up a conversation and how to move your body to suggest attractiveness. When in a conversation, you should do your best effort to make it work for both of your leading into a flirtatious exchange. At some point of your conversation, you will need to take the next logical step to get her number or ask her for dinner or coffee. If you are successful to take her number or made her agree on a date with you, then you have done the first step of letting her see you as the prize of the game.

Once you are in this scenario, you should take the next step to make her want you more. It is time for you to confuse her, and make excuses and leave. This trick would lead to the “letting her pick you up” trick. The woman that you are with would be on high gear wondering what just happened. It is a tad confusing rejecting her after making her agree on a date with you, is it not? This will make her surely wonder what went wrong. If you drop her off in the middle of a good conversation, or after getting her number, you just put yourself in a high pedestal. You just made yourself a good prize for her to get. Women know that men are after and would die for hot and attractive women, but if you let them know that there are other lady fishes in the sea, this will make them compete for you.

Letting women see that other girls are also after you would make them go after you even more. As you can tell, women want men who are attractive to other women. With this, you just made yourself a valuable target. This is one way of making them pick you up, instead of your doing all the work for them. All you have to remember when picking up women is to know how to catch them, and know how to release them.